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Mawlamyine (or Moulmein), Myanmar’s third largest city after Yangon and Mandalay is the capital of the Mon State. With a population of about 240,000, Mawlamyine is an ancient Mon town. Meaning “one eye destroyed”, according to legend, the name originates from the word ‘Mot-Mua-Lum’. Legend has it that in ancient times, there lived a king

Sakkyamanaung Pagoda

Sakkyamanaung Pagoda lies about 1 km north east of the old palace and was built by King Thirithudhamma Raza in 1629. Located on the east side of Mrauk U, it is known to be one of the five most revered “Mann” paya of Mrauk U. King Sri Suddhamma Raja had it built in 1629. It

Pitaka Taik

Pitaka Taik was built by King Minphalaung in 1591 as a repository for the Tripitaka or Buddhist Canon. It lies about 300 m north of the Dukkanthein. It is square in shape with an entrance passage to the east like other pagodas in Mrauk U. The outer walls are decorated with ornate floral and geometric


Dukkanthein lies about 100m north-west of Shittaung and was constructed by King Minphalaung in 1571. Dukkanthein is also known as Htukanthein or Htoekanthein and stands on a hill which is about 30 ft. in height. The pagoda is shaped like a bell. Like most of the ancient monuments in Mrauk U., Dukkanthein was built with

Yadanabon Pagoda

Yadanabon Pagoda – This is the largest pagoda in this region and was donated by King Min Khamong and Queen Shin Htwe in 1612. Located on the northern part of Andaw Thein, there are seventeen smaller pagodas around the main pagoda. Each one was donated by various kings, queens and other royal families of the

Andaw Pagoda

Andaw Pagoda lies about 10m from the Shittaung Pagoda. This was built by King Minhlaraza in 1521. Andaw Pagoda means ‘the pagoda enshrining the tooth-relic of the Buddha’. It is located about 86 ft. north east of the Shittaung Pagoda. Over the years, some parts of the pagoda were damaged, so the King of Mrauk

Koetaung Pagoda

Koetaung Pagoda is the other pagoda worth visiting and means ‘90,000 pagodas’ in Myanmar. It lies 400 yards to the north of the Pisei Hill. The exterior is literally filled with thousands of little pagoda images placed in line and the surrounding landscape is filled with greenery. The pagoda rises above the plains where it

Shittaung Pagoda

Shittaung Pagoda, which means ‘Temple of the 80,000 pagodas’ in Myanmar, was built by King Minbin, one of the most powerful kings of the Mrauk U dynasty in 1535. This pagoda which lies half a mile north of the palace city has an intriguing maze-like floor plan inside. The central pagoda measures 160 ft. in

Royal Palace

One of the most interesting places to visit is the ruins of the old Royal Palace. Built in 1430, this palace had massive wooden columns which were later burnt to the ground, leaving behind only the ruins. So far, a total of sixteen squares have been unearthed. In all, four layers are visible. One can

Mrauk U

History of Mrauk U Founded by the Rakhine King “Min Saw Mon” 1433, Mrauk U is known to have once been one of the most powerful kingdoms in Myanmar’s history. During its prime, Mrauk U used to be a leading trade city with an extensive network of canals that attracted large and small trading vessels