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Maha Anthtookanthar Paya

There were no plans to build a pagoda where the Maha Anthtookanthar Paya is located. Fate seems to have played a big part in bringing it here. It is said that three Buddha statues made in Mandalay were being transported to their destination in China. During the long journey, one of the Buddha figures fell

Peik Chin Myaung Maha Nandamu Cave

The Maha Nandamu Cave is 12 miles east of the town and lies 3 miles south of Wetwun village. Easily accessible by car, the cave is at the entrance to the Peik Chin Myaung ravine with many beautiful springs. During the time when the rocks in the cave were gradually forming, the place lay under

Pwe Kauk Fall

Pwe Kauk Fall is about 8 km from Pyin Oo Lwin. It was called Hampshire Falls during British rule and is a popular picnic spot. The spot has beautiful scenery with enchanting wild flowers. Pwe Kauk Fall attracts both locals as well as tourists.

Kandawgyi Botanical Garden

One of the historical places is the Kandawgyi Botanical Garden which was founded in 1915-16 by Mr. Roger, a British botanist who began collecting local plants and trees which he cultivated on 30 acres of land at the present site. It was officially sanctioned by the government in 1919. Spread over 240 acres, the original