Maha Anthtookanthar Paya

There were no plans to build a pagoda where the Maha Anthtookanthar Paya is located. Fate seems to have played a big part in bringing it here. It is said that three Buddha statues made in Mandalay were being transported to their destination in China. During the long journey, one of the Buddha figures fell out from the lorry that was transporting them. Try as they might, the heavy statue could not be lifted off the ground to load back onto the truck. After several futile attempts, it was left behind while the other two continued their journey to China. The Buddha image that was left behind had to be moved from the road, but no one had a clue how to go about this difficult task. Finally, a local Buddhist monk took upon himself to use his faith to find a solution. He sat next to this figure for seven days all the while preaching to the locals and reciting teachings of the Buddha. After seven days, they had no difficulty in lifting and moving it to a new location. And that’s where it remains to this day, where the local people built a pagoda to house it as an offering to the Buddha.

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