Ngwe Saung Beach

One of the most beautiful and enchanting beach resorts in Myanmar is the Ngwe Saung Beach Resort. Opened in the year 2,000, it is located in the Ayeyarwady Division, some 48 km from the town of Pathein. Ngwe Saung, with a beach front giving way to the Bay of Bengal with its crystal clear waters, white crested waves, sandy beaches and pristine natural surroundings, is popular as one of the best holiday destinations for peaceful relaxation.

In an unbroken line for some 15 km, Ngwe Saung’s silvery beach stretches From Zee-Maw, a village in the north to Majee-Maw, a village in the south. The major attraction of Ngwe Saung’s is its natural beauty: the clear, blue waters, extended sandy beaches, the scenic shoreline that is highlighted because of the marked contrast to the backdrop of tropical rain forests and the towering Rakhine mountain range.

The long shoreline is dotted with bungalow-type eco-friendly hotels staffed by well-trained personnel who are capable of taking care of all the needs of the guests. The bungalows are known for their quality service to tourists as well as domestic visitors and provide a tranquil haven of peaceful relaxation. For those with a penchant for fun and games on the beach or in the ocean, life-buoys and speedboats are provided, as well as facilities for speedboat trips, bicycling along the shore and horseback riding.

For those who feel a need to get away from the daily grind, the noise and stressful life at work, one of the most inviting getaways beckons from Myanmar. Ngwe Saung offers one of the best places to relax and ensures unmatched tranquility at a sea-side resort that looks after all your needs while you’re in their care.

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