Peik Chin Myaung Maha Nandamu Cave

The Maha Nandamu Cave is 12 miles east of the town and lies 3 miles south of Wetwun village. Easily accessible by car, the cave is at the entrance to the Peik Chin Myaung ravine with many beautiful springs. During the time when the rocks in the cave were gradually forming, the place lay under seawater. It was the lime that slowly piled up over the years that formed the hillock. Geologists estimate that it could be between 230 million and 310 million years old. The cave Peik Chin Myaung (Peik Chin Plants Ravine) gets its name from the Peik Chin plants that used to grow there in abundance preventing natural light from entering inside. This Great Cave of rock was born out of a fault. As water seeped in and dripped from the rocks and limestone, stalactites began to form taking the shape of chandeliers. Standing at the entrance to the cave, one can observe natural springs flowing down from various directions. The water accumulated at some places is as deep as five feet. The water is cool and crystal clear as it seeps from the walls of the rock. It is commonly believed that this water can cure eye ailments and itching. Hence, most pilgrims collect this spring water to take home in bottles.

The Great cave spreads over an area of about 48 acres and the interior is cold and damp because of the springs and small waterfalls everywhere. The life story of the Buddha leading up to His Enlightenment is depicted at appropriate places around the cave, and in corners and niches, one finds Buddha images and pagodas.

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