The capital city of Shan State is Taunggyi, located 1,430m above sea level. Shan State being the largest state in Myanmar makes Taunggyi an important trading city. Taunggyi means “The huge mountain” in Myanmar.
With a population of about 120,000, this city is inhabited by various ethnic groups like the Shan, Bamar, Sikh, as well as some Muslims too.
One of the interesting features of Taunggyi is the market place which is full of colorful ethnic tribes every day. There is also a five-day market place. But what draws attention is the gem market on the eastern part of the town, where people trade in precious stones such as jade, rubies and sapphires.

Strolling downtown, one will find more places of interest, like the Shan State Museum and Shan State Library. Shan Noodle and Shan Tofu shops can be found everywhere.

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