The legendary “Bote-ta-lote” lake of Pindaya region.

According to Pindaya legend, there once lived a Nat King who had seven daughters. While these seven princesses were enjoying a bath in a lake at the foot of the mountain, they failed to notice that night was falling fast. When they realized that it was too dark to go home, they decided to spend the night in a nearby cave. Unknown to them, a giant spider was residing in a neighboring cave and he thought the princesses would make a nice meal. It quickly made a large web in front of the entrance where the princesses were sleeping, and thus trapped them inside. When the princesses woke up the next morning and found out their plight, they started to scream for help. A handsome prince happened to be nearby and heard them shouting. He immediately ran to their rescue and heroically killed the spider with his bow and arrow. As the prince had saved the princesses’ lives, the grateful king made him an offer as a reward. The prince could have the most beautiful of the seven princesses as his wife. At the entrance of the cave is an image of the prince and the spider, reminding all visitors of the legend.

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